Following the Path of OEM Beauty Care,Ourland Develop Products on Pet Care



Today a new company from Taiwan, Ourland Cosmetics R&D has been introduced that alike but not at all. This company is specialized in beauty care R&D service, pet supplies and some household items. The team is 30 members. In 2018, this company’s income reach more than NT$400 million and 20% contributed by the pet care business.

Recently, Mr. Chen, the founder of Ourland International accepted an exclusive interview with the pet industry. Below is the oral notes from Mr.Chen

Founded in 1998, the company started with cosmetics formula research and product foundry services. In 2006, the old brand of cosmetics international brand director decided to change the runway, create a pet brand, and then entrusted Oron International, which specializes in product development, to create a new concept. The pet shampoo brand, this is the company’s first exposure to the pet market.”

After receiving such development needs, the company conducted a few months of research on the pet care market. Based on the research result from R&D team, we produce some of pet care products that can compete with the other international brands.

However, because homogenization of products and get feedback from our customers then we consider some challenge such as how to beat the existing famous brand in Taiwan? and How to promote this brand around the world?

After a while thinking about some challenges above, the company got the idea to differentiate the products and change the technology process by combining the existing perfume and cosmetics technology to create an innovative pet lotion. This kind of innovation leverage some benefits of balance of skin phase from cosmetics and fragrance tech from perfume and balance of oil secretion. This kind of advantages made a great development of “deodorant and fragrance” effect. The fragrance effect can be kept for up to 7 days.

The main reason of this product development is in the real life, when the owner interact with the pet closely there is a bad smell. To solve this kind of problem, we initialize to add this product with deodorization material which is not a big problem for R&D team. However, the big question is how to keep this good aroma for 5-7 days. In term of development process, we encountered two main problems:

  • Most of the dog’s smell comes from sebum oxidation. irst of all, each dog’s skin has different degrees of oiliness and strong inhibition of oil secretion, which will lead to different problems, so we adopt the concept of “grease of oil”.secondly, moderate oil is necessary, so it will face the problem of oxidation and bacterial life. For this time, we have deployed a solution that can slightly absorb the taste factor while keeping the skin phase healthy.
  • The fragrance can only stay for 2 – 3 days. Some people might say that to extend the period just increase the concentration. But this way will caused the domination of baby’s smell. Our strategy is to use the fragrance-retaining technique of the perfume, and the tail of the shampoo will smell the taste of wood and powder.

This is the first case in the pet industry to adopt the concept of the cosmetics industry to build a pet brand.

This “deodorant fragrance”  product has been introduced to the market, and almost the same kind of products on the market have been grab the consumer’s interest. It took only 18 months to win nearly 70% market share in Taiwan’s pet care workplace. In today’s words, this product can be described as “net red explosion”.

More than just pet deodorant products, the company also launched an innovative pet cleaning product, Jieer Gel.

We noticed that the pet ear cleansing agents in the original market are all watery (liquid). While using it, the dog will open with the ear when it is touched. When it is cleaned, it will be very messy by the dog. Starting from this pain point, the company uses cosmetic technology to make the ear cleansing agent into a gel (solid), so that when it is used, the dirt will be sucked by the dog to the outer ear shell instead of everywhere. It eased the troubles of the owner and was once again praised by the market once it was launched.

After that, we adapted the needs of Taiwanese customers to develop pet business to the mainland China market in 2009. On the one hand, we provide back-end supply chain support and brand building service capabilities.

On the other hand, we continue to invest in research and development, and continue to develop new products in the pet care field. The company has successively introduced pet cleaning products such as plant complementary color (white hair/red brown), palm care cream, toothpaste, mouthwash foaming ingot, biological deodorant spray, and tear stain.

2015 can be said to be a year of strategic adjustment of the company’s pet business. At that time, we were lucky enough to meet a cat predecessor in Taiwan, exchanged the physiological habits of cats, and the surge in cat population after the per capita living space caused by urbanization was generally reduced. Judging the future cat market would be the next journey. As a result, the company adjusted its pet market strategy and began to study cat products in depth.

It found that Mutian and catnip are belong to cat, but in actual use, rods or powders are easy to cause home environment. Dirty trouble became a cat slave, so the company tried to extract the active ingredients from the wood scorpion and catnip, liquidized the product, and developed a cat spray product, which was sold in Taiwan and attracted Japanese buyers. Concerned and introduced to the Japanese market.

After that, in 2017, the cat market began to grow significantly. We heard that many customers reported that there is no toiletries specially designed for cats. We have developed a cat care product that adds wood scorpion to the lotion and let the cat take a shower. Increased acceptance.

At the time, our R&D team had a stressed discussion about the proposition that “cats need a bath.” Later, we got feedback from a professional veterinarian:

Depending on the needs, although the cat will be self-cleaning, but saliva is not soap, and with age, the hair’s self-protection ability will decline, requiring periodic care; cats like to hide in the corner, the hair may be stained with chemistry Material or dust spider silk; some parts of Taiwan are humid, many cats have cat lice and severe eczema hair removal, which require regular cleaning.”


Based on the suggestion above, we finally strengthened our plan to develop this cat lotion product. After more than 10 months of development and trial, we launched a cat lotion (dry cleaning Moss / scouring) for customers, and called for the promotion of pet users. “Small cleaning + big maintenance” concept:


Small cleaning = Moss dry cleaning (once a week, avoid eating too much dirt and bacteria when cats are grooming, use edible raw materials, even if the cat is eating, don’t worry);


Great maintenance = skin cleansing (once a month or quarter, help the cat clean the skin to avoid the growth of dandruff and mold bacteria, as well as deep cleansing and moisturizing the hair).

In 2018, we launched a spicy wash product for non-veterinary medicine systems. Still thanks to our technology precipitation in the field of cosmetics, the product can achieve the effect of “plant compound bacteriostatic layer + skin repair”.

Last year, when we were conducting market tests in Taiwan, the test sample with the largest sample test was like a lawsuit (PS: because Taiwan popularizes the law, and the common skin is not good), the test results show that about 1 month Second, after one month, the skin is basically repaired, and the subsequent use for 2 months can be used as daily skin care.

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