Who Are We?

About Us:
Our Experience is Your Asset

Ourland’s journey in ODM began in 1998, and for over 20 years we’ve mastered and developed our system from sourcing raw materials here in Asia to R&D for customized beauty, skincare, pet care products and household cleaning products that suit client specifications. We help our clients create excellent brands that truly represent their name and quality that meets their customers’ expectations. Our experiences, the upsurge, and the downturn in growth for many of the brands we helped create are the assets we can offer you.


We provide the best facilities with our 35,000 square meters and ISO22716/GMPc certified factory in Guangzhou which can turn out over 76 million units of different products in a month. This assures Ourland clients that their products will be produced sufficiently and efficiently without delay or backlog. Our world-class R&D system help you to develop your products – starting with sourcing the best material with Ourland’s Asian supply chain, formulations, and marketing advice. These advantages result in high quality and affordable products, worthy of celebrity brand stature and high-end labeling.


Our Vision

We started as a two-person team, to now there are more than 40 partners in four offices worldwide, with the vision of providing the best R&D facilitation for world-class private labels. Fast forward 22 years,  we’ve gathered the best supply chain in Asia, operate as an above industrial standard R&D team, and own a factory with the capacity to produce skincare and household cleaning products in millions per month. Ourland’s vision is to continue to serve our clients, help you to develop your line, or if you already have your owned formulations, to assist you in sourcing raw materials, fine-tuning their formula, and ensure production for the optimized cost to guarantee high quality and profitability.


Ourland’s experience is that our clients are our best assets because we commit to providing niche formulas and also helping you incorporate consumer needs and align their labels to the right market niches. Our services go beyond the formulation of skincare, pet care products or household cleaning products. It is, above all, about providing services that differentiate bestselling from mere inventory.


Take a look at our latest work – functional textiles. It can explain everything.


We Are Committed

We work closely with our clients to help you to come up with innovative ideas that aren’t just good on paper but are innovations that are made into products through our excellent R&D team and patent technology. Ourland R&D will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating products, and to differentiate your products from other brands, resulting in core competitiveness.


Ourland’s strength lies in its commitment to guide private labels through the different processes in developing, sourcing, and manufacturing to ensure high-quality products worthy of any name or brand. This strength kept us in the ODM and manufacturing industry for over 20 years and we will continue to grow with you in the coming years.

Why should you hire OURLAND

Innovative R&D and Patent Technology

With independent R&D capabilities,  which can guide the process and design of products, so as to differentiate products and create core competitiveness.

Twenty Years of Market Experience in China

As China’s market is changing rapidly,we are familiar with the market and CFDA regulations to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals with the best efficiency.

Supply Chain Management in Asia

The suppliers are all over Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. We can arrange the raw material production line and transportation properly.

Quality, Communication and Trust

We create products with the highest quality. We pay attention to the details of each step to ensure that all products produced are safe, consistent and efficient. Communicate with customers through the product development process and build trust through the quality of the products!



Mark Chen

With 20 years of  R&D, manufacturing and design experience of skin care products and  OEM/ODM  experience of cosmetics and pet products,we have rich market management and product innovation and development integration capabilities.


Siharm Kuo

Research and Development of Professional Formula

With three years of pharmaceutical research and development and ten years of cosmetics research and development experience, We have mature and unique professional technology.

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