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The difference temperature of AME active particle can solve the active molecular transporation system that has been long trouble for the industry. It can stabilize the long-acting release of the active molecules that can determines the eficacy of external preparations of skins. The AME active particle temperature difference slow release system is developed by Ourland International Limited to provide the solution for Industry.

AME system has three main characteristics such as 

● The temperature is 42 degree that actively dissolve the materials for each layers and release the long-acting more stable.

● The micro-emulsification technology that can penetrate the stratum corneum and absorbed by the skin easily.

● Fixed active materials on the nonwoven fabric and widely used as a surface layer of various sanitary products.

Besides, AME system has some of advantages such as:

● It is safer by deliver dry of active molecules such that there is no need for preservatives.

● It is reusable, more adequate and more effective

● It is not sticky and can be applied on the wide product

● Avoid the redness of baby bottom

● Fully maintenance for sanitary napkins

● It can be applied for eye mask

And, basically there are more advantages that can be applied by this technique.

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