Ourland International values your privacy and will collect, process and use your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and this Privacy Policy and provide you with the exercise and protection of your personal data rights. If you do not agree to all or part of this Privacy Policy, please stop using the services of this website.

1.The scope of this Privacy Policy
Please confirm that you have reviewed and agreed to all the terms of this Privacy Policy before using the services of this website. If you do not agree with all or part of it, please do not use this website service. This Privacy Policy applies only to the collection, processing and utilization of your personal data on this website, and not to other companies or individuals not owned or controlled by the Company. You may link to the website operated by a third party through this website, and the personal data collection of each website is handled in accordance with the privacy policy of its website, and is not related to the company.

Personal data protection law should be informed

(1)Collection authority name: Ourland International Co., Ltd.
(2)Collection purpose: to provide related services, marketing, customer management, member management and other marketing activities with third parties.
(3)Personal data categories: identification categories (name, address, contact number, email address), characteristics (age, gender, date of birth, etc.), social situation (interest, leisure, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.) ), other (communication emails, website messages, system automatic record track information, etc.).
(4)Period of use of personal data: This website will continue to use the personal data provided by you until the date of your cessation of use or the suspension of service on this website.
(5)Personal data utilization area: The company’s execution business and server host location, currently in Taiwan.
(6)Targets of personal data use: the company and the co-operators of the company (for example, suppliers who provide logistics, gold flow or event gifts, and exhibits); if the company and other manufacturers jointly collect, it will The activities collected together are stated.
(7)Ways of using personal data: use according to the scope of collection and this privacy policy.
(8)Ways of using the user’s data: According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Law, you have the inquiry or request for your personal data, request the copy, request for supplement or correction, request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing , request the right to delete. You can send it to the [10491 Section 3, Minquan East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491] to exercise your right to open. The company will process your request as soon as possible after receiving your request.
(9)Personal Information Filling Instructions: If the Company collects personal data, the relevant webpage or document is stated as an optional person. It is only for providing you with a better experience of using this website and does not affect your interest in using this website.
3.Personal data collection, processing and utilization instructions
The Company may post some of the information on this website to your community event information page after obtaining your consent through Facebook or similar community service system. If you do not agree with the release of such information, please do not order. Select the consent button, or remove the information through the membership mechanism of the community service afterwards or refuse the website to continue to post relevant information. If you have any questions, you can still contact us. The company will assist you in confirming and handling related issues. The company will not arbitrarily provide your personal data to a third party, except that it should be provided to the judicial, prosecutorial authorities, relevant competent authorities, or in cooperation with the company to carry out the necessary scope for the implementation of related activities. When the Company or this website is acquired or acquired by other third parties, the Company will announce the relevant details to the website beforehand, and all or part of the user information owned by the Company may also be The transfer of management rights is transferred to a third party.
4.Cookie technology
For your future identification, we may set and access cookies on your computer when you use the services of this website.
You can decide whether to allow the use of cookie technology by setting up your personal computer or Internet device. If you turn off cookies, it may cause inconvenience or partial functional limitations when using this website.
5.Confidentiality and security
The employees of the company have limited access to your personal data only within the scope of their needs to provide products or services to you.
In order to protect the security of your account and personal information, please do not arbitrarily provide your personal account number and password to a third party or allow a third person to apply for an account number or password with your personal data. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the relevant responsibilities. If your account number and password are leaked, please change your password immediately or notify the company to suspend the account (the company may ask to check your personal information).
The Internet is not a secure information transmission environment. Please avoid using sensitive personal information or publicly revealing it on the website when using this website.
6.Minor protection
This website is not specially designed for minors/children. When using this website, if the minor agrees to collect and use his personal information, he/she should do so under the legal representative or guardian. The legal representative or guardian may at any time request the company to stop the collection, processing and utilization of specific accounts and their associated personal data.
7.Modification of the privacy policy
If the privacy policy is modified, this website will be amended at any time according to the needs, and the revised terms will be posted on the website. If you do not agree to such changes or modifications, please stop using the services of this website and notify the company to stop collecting, processing and utilizing your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

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