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Choose Ourland to create your hot selling pet product ranges!

Ourland has more than ten years professional pet formula research and development experience. We have hot-selling pet lotion brands, pet shampoo brands, sprays and air fresheners.  

We manufacture for some of the largest global brands.

Why not yours?

Pet Shampoo
(Hair Wash / Mousse / Gel)

The gentle formula not only helps to cleanse the body but it also helps to soothe dry and itchy skin while making the pet’s fur cleaner and softer than ever. Ourland’s patented deodorant fragrance technology eliminates smells by slowly releasing the fragrance over time. It cleans, moisturises and smells good for over a week.

Cat Spray

Spray that special developed for cats, made from plant extracts taken from natural farming methods, which can be sprayed in water or toys to increase the cat’s drinking appetite and soothing mood.

Hair Care Products
(hair conditioner/ hair essential oil)

The targeted low sensitivity formula design can repair, strengthen, moisturize damaged hair making combing easier than ever before.

Air Freshner

Ourland pet air freshener cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent.  It reduces bacterial growth and effectively decomposes harmful substances.

Development of Pet Products Formula

Ourland Cosmetics are market-leading manufactures of formulated pet cosmetics that are suitable for all types of pet skin types, which can be branded as your own. 

Pet Supplies

We sincerely welcome partners from all over the world and are very happy to help you realise your creative ideas that are exclusive to you and your pet products.

We are glad to help you to fulfill your fabulous ideas for pet products.

Quality and Innovation

A scientific approach to business development, continuous improvement of product quality, strict selection of raw materials, formulation technology, 10 years of experience, tailor-made for customers to develop highly innovative pet supplies.

Your Global Pet Supplies Partner

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