Functional Textiles

With the AME patent of active particle temperature differential release technology, the effective ingredients are planted in a soft, easy-to-use dry fabric. Within a few minutes, through the temperature and pressure, the sustained release microparticle system releases millions of active ingredients.

Antibacterial / deodorant / whitening

The antibacterial ingredient is released from the machine, effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and maintaining the health of the private place.

The effective deodorizing component active release machine can reduce the generation of odor.

Moisturizing the skin is like directly rubbing the skin care products in a private place to maintain the skin moisturizing and whitening.

Moisturizing / protective shield / soothing

Moisturizes the skin, reduces the friction between the diaper’s surface and the butt, cares for the tender ass, and experiences a down-like skin-feeling touch.

A protective layer is formed on the surface layer to deodorize and inhibit bacteria, reduce the chance of diaper rash, avoid red butt, and not easily produce odor.

Long-acting release of effective active ingredients, repairing the discomfort of soothing butt, giving the baby the most comfortable feeling.

Eye Mask Vapor
Soft Sheet / Keep constant temperature / moisturizing

The constant temperature steam technology of the sheet is uniform and non-layered. The low temperature is controlled at 42 degrees to soothe the eyelids. The AME patented technology is used to imprint the essence on the non-woven fabric, and then the hot air is used to release the active microparticle essence to deeply moisturize the eye area. Unleash the fragrance of essential oils for a completely different experience.

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