Soothing Diapers

Break through the traditional paper diapers moment!

The world’s first carry ass cream diapers!

Using the patented AME (active Microemulsions temperature-driven delivery system) active particle temperature difference slow-release technology, the active ingredients are printed on soft and easy-to-use dry fabrics. Within minutes, millions of active ingredients are released through the slow-release particle system through temperature and pressure.


Moisturize the skin, reduce the friction between the diaper surface and the buttocks, protect the tender buttocks, experience the feather-like skin touch.

invisible shield

Establish a protective layer on the surface, deodorize and inhibit bacteria, reduce the incidence of diaper rash, avoid the formation of red buttocks, while not easy to produce odor.


Long-term release of effective active ingredients, repair and soothe the discomfort of the buttocks, give the baby the most comfortable feeling.

What we offer is always beyond your needs!

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