Skin Care Products ODM

Supply Chain Management in Asia

Taiwan , Mainland China, Japan and Korea ODM alliance

The advantages of supply chain integration to create higher value and enhance your competitive advantage

Bath Bomb

 Flavor can be added, customized type and specifications

Skin Care

Facial cleansing lotion, face mousse, facial cleanser, cream, etc.

Shampoo Bar

 Flavor can be added, customized type and specifications

Facial Mask

Powder, gel, cream or non-woven mask.

Exclusive prescription

Devoted to the research and development of dermatology ,we know about the causes of skin problems and return skin to a healthy and balanced state.

Professional R&D teams work closely together to develop innovative and perfect recipes.

To provide solutions for skin problems

Adhering to the scientific concept, we are committed to developing unique formulations to provide the most accurate and effective solutions to various skin problems.

With the progress of science, products are continuously reviewed and tested repeatedly to meet the needs of skin and solve skin problems.

Meeting your expectations

Adhere to the development of safe, efficient and well-tolerated products to address the root causes of skin problems, more to meet your expectations for products.

We can provide from head to toe, whole body maintenance and cleaning supplies agent!

Choose Ourland , and  create hot-selling pet products for you!

Provide head to toe, whole body skin care and cleaning supplies ODM

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