Who Are We?

Since 1998

We started this company in 1998. From the enthusiastic and ambitious young people at the beginning to now the experienced and prosperous industry veterans,  we have grown and thrived with many customers along the way. From the initial two-person team, to now there are more than 40 partners in four offices. We have created many excellent brands like facial skin products, beauty shop, diapers and pet care products supplies and experienced the upsurge and downturn of growth with our customers.


Niche inside

Nowadays, recipes can be found everywhere on the Internet, but are you at ease? Or you just want a me2 product.

Ourland’s R&D team not only completes a formula, but also helps customers think about consumer needs and incorporate differentiation elements and product niches such as facial skin products, beauty shop, diapers, etc . That’s the difference, maybe it’s the difference between best-selling and inventory.

A Michelin Chef

A novice can also make a dish according to the recipe. An experienced mature mother can make a pleasant whole table dinner, but how can she be promoted to the Michelin level? I think Gordon Ramsay, in addition to his rich experience, obviously has amazing ideas in his creation. Ourland knows this principle deeptly, and we have practiced it over and over again.

Look at our latest work, functional textiles. I think it can explain everything.

Why should you hire OURLAND

Innovative R&D and Patent Technology

With independent R&D capabilities,  which can guide the process and design of products, so as to differentiate products and create core competitiveness.

Twenty Years of Market Experience in China

As China’s market is changing rapidly,we are familiar with the market and CFDA regulations to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals with the best efficiency.

Supply Chain Management in Asia

The suppliers are all over Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. We can arrange the raw material production line and transportation properly.

Quality, Communication and Trust

We create products with the highest quality. We pay attention to the details of each step to ensure that all products produced are safe, consistent and efficient. Communicate with customers through the product development process and build trust through the quality of the products!




Mark Chen

With 20 years of  R&D, manufacturing and design experience of skin care products and  OEM/ODM  experience of cosmetics and pet products,we have rich market management and product innovation and development integration capabilities.



Siharm Kuo

Research and Development of Professional Formula

With three years of pharmaceutical research and development and seven years of cosmetics research and development experience, We have mature and unique professional technology.

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